Monday, October 5, 2009

Anniversary getaway

We're back. Dan and I rolled back into town yesterday after spending a fantastic weekend in Wilmington, NC for the ol' anniversary. We hadn't been away just the two of us in about 2 years and it was so nice to spend some alone time with the hubbs. We both missed the girls and talked about them a lot, but it was nice having a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with 2 toddlers. Wilmington is so beautiful this time of year, and just like the last time we were there for River Fest, the weather was perfect. We walked and walked and walked! We went to the beach at Wrightsville.....the water was still warm enough for us to swim and I found tons of sea shells for the girls. We ate and ate and ate......maple glazed salmon wrapped in prosciutto, baked brie with fig and red wine reduction, dark and white chocolate fondue with grand marnier and fresh fruit, spinach and goat cheese omelette.....I feel like I gained 10 pounds, although all the walking probably evened it out! We had coffee (and a fore mentioned fondue) under the stars on a gorgeous deck with live music, we walked through the street fair and looked at classic cars, we contemplated getting tattoos, (we didn't, but I'm getting one soon!) we talked and talked and talked and ate beef jerky on the way home! lol It was such a good weekend. We have successfully accomplished having date nights every other week which we have found to be SO necessary, now I want to try and get away, just the two of us at least twice a year....every quarter would be better in my opinion, but possibly unattainable! Goals are good right? :) Until next time I will have visions of Wilmington dancing in my head!

The Inn we stayed at was built in 1886
and right in the middle of downtown

Our room:

Wrightsville Beach

East coast beaches are covered in shells!

When you're on vacation alone, you get
lots of too close, extended arm pictures

The Little Dipper
Live music, and fondue

The stairway from the street entrance to our room
That's a lot of stairs to climb when not totally sober
10 points to me for intoxicated photography!!

This is what hung over, still full from dinner the night before and upside down look like


car show


Happy Anniversary!

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