Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lawn ornaments

I didn't think that August and September were particularly wet this year, but apparently they were because we have some wicked huge mushrooms growing in our yard. Mushroom growth always reminds me of fall, but I generally only see them when we go for walks in the forest.....not so much in my yard! But here we are at our new house, for our first fall and we have mushrooms. I wish I could find some info. on these particular would be nice to know if they are poisonous or even edible. Although I don't know if I would want to eat something that is this huge and weird looking and grows in my yard. Who knows how many times my dogs have peed on them. eewww. They are already starting to get brown and dried's been a while since we've had any significant rain fall. They are so strange looking, I wish I could dry them out like flowers and use them to decorate with....although they are kinda stinky so they would probably not work so well. I wonder if we can expect crazy big mushrooms to grow in our yard every year? If you know what kind of mushroom this is, hit me up.....I'm very curious!

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Becky said...

mmmm, this grosses me out a bit.... :)

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