Thursday, October 8, 2009

nothing in particular

I don't particularly have anything to write about. I'm tired, I'm bored and I'm feeling a bit melancholy......probably because I'm tired and bored. These past 2 days were our "weekend" on Dan's nifty work schedule and he had to go into work for over 6 hours on Wednesday. That sucked. I really hate when he has to give up his family time to go into work. I understand that sometimes it is necessary, but that doesn't mean I like it! I could not imagine being married to someone who was married to their job. Dan has always had a very healthy perspective on what is truly important in life, and work doesn't even make the top 5.

Today I got to go shopping at Old Navy for myself!! I don't buy clothes for myself very often, probably only a couple of times a year, but once my everyday wear is all stained up, and holey I have to head out and replace them. I pretty much wear the same things all the time, jeans, solid colored t-shirts (short sleeved in summer, long sleeved in winter) and flip flops....I wear my flops for as long as I possibly can before my feet start to freeze and I have to switch to sneakers. I don't think there is anything wrong with what I wear daily, I have young children, they are my job, my clothes are like my uniform. I don't understand people who wear fancy designer clothes to the park and then sit on a bench and watch their kids play.....I wear clothes that I can play in. Tangent, sorry.

Charlotte is sick. I'm not surprised at's a pretty normal occurrence when school starts back up again.....all the germ sharing. I'm not sure if it's a cold or the flu, but she has had a runny nose for the last 24 hours and tonight during story time with Daddy she threw up. I think it might just have been that her belly was too full, she ate a LOT at dinner and it happened while she was drinking her milk. I'm hoping it's just a cold! I really hate when my kids get sick. I feel bad for them because they can't take much to make them feel better, and it also totally throws our schedule off (not that we have much of a schedule!). I was planning on taking them to the museum this weekend, but I refuse to be the parent that takes their sick kids out around other kiddos. Maybe she'll feel well enough to go to our little neighborhood one ever goes there, and outside play equipment seems like a safer place for a runny nose to hang out.

I bought a whole bunch of fall craft supplies tonight. Maddie and I have been collecting pine cones every time we go to the park and I'm planning on making a wreath out of them and letting the girls paint and decorate it! I can already picture how beautiful it is going to be! :) We're also going to make some fall leaf garland to hang up around the house and I have foam-ish paper pumpkins for them to make faces on. I have no doubt that there will be an incredible mess involved with all of this, but I'm excited anyway!

Maddie is being moved up to the three year old class at her preschool. She has been having some behavioral problems at school and the teachers (and us) think it's because she is bored. The only reason we kept her back in the 2 year old class was because she is not yet potty trained, not because she wasn't ready to move up. Most of the kids in the 2 year old class are learning how to color with crayons and don't know their ABCs yet. Maddie can draw faces, she has been practicing writing her name, she not only know her ABCs, but she knows all the letter sounds, she can identify between upper case and lower case letters, she can tell you what things begin with what letter....when we are at a store she will "read" signs and tell me what all the letters are in the words, she knows every shape and color, she can count above 20 and can count backwards. The girl is smart. The only catch with moving up to the three year old class is that she has to be potty training. They are making an exception with her but she has to be actively in the process of training. So, we are. Thus far it's going really well! It's been 24 hours and she has gone pee pee on the potty 3 or 4 times. She seems enthusiastic about it which has not been the case thus far with our attempts. I've been reading with her while she is on the potty, we have prizes that she can pick from when she goes, and I've been doing a fantastic potty dance for her when she is successful. We have also been telling her if she wants to be in the big kid class with her favorite teacher (Miss Dawn was her teacher last year) she needs to go potty on the toilet. Hopefully this time around we will be triumphant!! I don't mind her in diapers, changing them doesn't bother me one bit, but I think it would be good for her to take this next step in her development. Lord, just give us the strength and the patience to get through it! :)

Alright, I'm feeling better now. I guess rambling on about nothing cleared my head. I'm gonna go read.....I have a new book......and then hit the hay. It may be a long night.

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Keri, Gary, Abigail and Luke said...

Hi Gina!

I love to read your blog because (with our kids being so close in age)I can totally relate! Sorry to hear Charlotte is sick, I hate that! And good luck on the potty training! Abbie just recently got daytime trained...she is still wearing pullups to bed though. I can tell you that for us it was easier to just go "cold turkey" with it...we just put her in panties. Sure she had a few accidents but it FORCED her to go on the potty because she didn't like to get wet. Within a few days she had it down. Good Luck!

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