Friday, November 6, 2009

Are you GLAD?

This is a shout out to my friends at GLAD!! I don't generally use my blog for product reviews, but seeing as I just had to empty the diaper champ I thought I'd pass my good fortune on to you! Normally when I have to change out the trash bag in the diaper champ I am met with the foulest odor which has brought me very close to throwing up in my mouth a I'm sure you can imagine, or have experienced. I always try and pass poop trash (thats what we call it) off on Dan, but since I am home more than he is, I frequently have to man up and take care of it myself. The last time I had to stock up on trash bags I decided to spend a little more and buy GLAD Odor Shield bags. I didn't really think they would do much, but hey, it couldn't hurt right? I have to tell you that these trash bags make a WORLD of difference! It's still disgusting, and it still smells less than lovely, but the rankness has dropped by at least 70%. I highly, HIGHLY recommend shelling out a little more $$ and getting Odor Shield bags if you use a diaper pail. I bought the fresh vanilla scent, but I think they have other scents as well. SO worth the money!! That's all.

Have a great weekend!!

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