Friday, November 6, 2009


I've been meaning to post pictures of the sewing projects I worked on while my mom was here! It's just been really busy, and cold and I haven't gotten around to getting both girls dressed up for a photo shoot. Today I explained to the girls that they were going to model for me. Maddie asked "Mama, whats modeling," to which I replied, "You girls are going to dress up and walk around while I take pictures of you." Maddie's reply, "I don't want to do modeling!" So, there you go. (HA) They did modeling anyway, and I sweetened the deal by doing my photo shoot on the front porch and letting them have bare feet. Apparently my kids are easy to bribe!

So, here are the skirts that I made. And when I say that I made them, keep in mind that my mother is a FANTASTIC seamstress and she has taught me everything I know and helped me throughout this project! Thanks mom! Please disregard Maddie's orange shirt that doesn't usual I have a mountain of laundry to do thus there was a shortage of clean shirts for her to wear....I picked orange, but it's not quite right. We also ran out of time for a shirt making tutorial so I still haven't learned how to make my own time Mom! Also, Charlotte doesn't do too well with skirts for two reasons, 1. her belly is so big and the skirts either hang down bellow the belly, or ride up above it....she will thin out as she grows and gets taller and then the belly won't be an issue! :) 2. She likes to take skirts off because they are easy to get off, so during most of the photo shoot I was having to put her skirt back on! I really love's a tad bit more precise than I typically enjoy, but the more I sew, the better I will get and the easier it will be! Stay tuned for more project posts, because I have been a busy little crafting bee!

In this shot Charlotte is wearing leggings that I made

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Becky said...

So pretty! I love the craftiness. I know you have no reason to believe me with this, but I've been meaning to post about the two sewing projects that I did: a diaper bag and a quilt. Your mom would be so proud! And, I would LOVE to have her as a teacher!!!! Oh you inspire me! :)

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