Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dog beds

Normally our dogs sleep out in the garage at night which works well because they have their food and water out water can not be in the house unless I want my children playing in it, or dumping it out multiple times a day!! But since the weather has gotten colder we bought new dog beds for the house so the boys can sleep gets too cold during the winter for them to be outdoors. From the moment I brought the beds home Charlotte has claimed one of them as her own! Poor Tyson wouldn't even get the near the bed for the first week or so because he knows that the girl's stuff is off limits and Charlotte made it very clear that the dog bed was hers! (We have never had a problem with the dogs destroying any of the kids stuff unless we leave balls outside and then Tyson figures it's fair game!) Tyson did eventually figure out that the bed is his, and both dogs sleep on them at night, and the girls pretty much leave the dog beds alone. But for a while it was pretty hilarious!

Henry enjoying his bed!

Tyson in his normal "relaxing" position

Poor Tyson sleeping on the floor
Notice the little monkey enjoying the dog bed in the background?


Little stinker!

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