Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Henry is home

Henry is home! He made it through the night and his breathing didn't get any worse. They did discover that his jaw was broken and had to put him under anesthesia for surgery. They took x-rays, wired his jaw together and had to remove his broken tooth through his nasal canal. He's still a little doped up and he's bleeding and limps when he walks but he's home! He just ate some dog food and Dan has taken him out to go to the bathroom. He can't be unsupervised for the next two weeks, and can't go outside except to eliminate and he has to be leashed. He's not supposed to be around Tyson, but we are ignoring that rule and Tyson is being really gentle. He has pain meds and antibiotics to take for the next few days. Hopefully he'll heal up quickly because it's really hard to see him like this, but I'm so thankful that he's home.....just in time for Thanksgiving!!

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