Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving: a photo blog

This year Thanksgiving was at our house. I was slightly nervous because I've never hosted an event that is as food/labor intensive as the big turkey day feast. But everything went really smoothly! I made almost everything the day before and all we had to do was deep fry the turkey, stick lots-o-casserole dishes in the oven and wait for family to bring the remainder of the food. Everything was really delicious, (I did eat too much!) and overall it was a really relaxing day spent in good company! I tried to take very candid shots so I would have an accurate portrayal of the day.........

Chris and Jen

Baby Norah

Grandma and Papa

The Moo

Kiddie table


Poor Henry




Dan Dan the carving man

The feast


Angela and Erin

Erin and the Dad


Dessert with labels
(thanks Hannah, we might have been very confused!)

Dan's plate full of dessert

My pumpkin mousse parfait

One side of Chapin

Super Dan?

Kellen who sometimes looks like a serial killer

Sunny Maddie

The mom

After she wiped her nose she rubbed it on her head! :)

Erin doesn't like this picture, but I think it's lovely!

The Schultz/Smith/Watkins family (I don't know Chapin or Jen's last names)
Poor Charlotte is not visible :(

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