Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to feel......

I'm feeling overwhelmed right now! Why can't there be a month long break between Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season? It's December already......where did that come from? My house is a disaster and I don't even know where to start. I seriously feel like selling everything we own and living in an empty house with mattresses on the floor and only 2 outfits each. Wouldn't life be so much simpler? We have SO many projects that we want to get done.....why do they need to get done RIGHT NOW?!? I have no idea, but they are projects that we've been talking about for months and we're just making it happen! Dan and I moved our big TV upstairs and spent a couple hours last night rearranging furniture. Dan is currently spackling, painting and putting hard wood flooring down in the nook that our big TV used to be in and we're gonna move our little TV into that space. Seems simple, but every little thing is time consuming and one more thing to finish.

I have so many sewing projects lined up and am so overwhelmed that I just keep putting them off. I need to make a list of all I want to accomplish and schedule specific times to work on my projects, but there just isn't enough time! On top of all these little projects, I need to go grocery shopping, take down and put away fall decorations, put up Christmas decorations, and I'm also in the process of selling and giving away a lot of the girls toys! We need to sell our old computer desk, and of course life wouldn't be normal if I didn't have a mountain of laundry to wash, fold and put away! Thank goodness I have most of my Christmas purchases made (Dan and I aren't exchanging gifts and I bought a few things for the girls that I couldn't make) and only have to wait for them to arrive on my doorstep! Charlotte and I are sick again, so there's the fun of dealing with that, and my day revolves around dog meals, medicine and trips out to potty. I just need a day off where I can work around the clock without interruptions and get stuff done! How does my house get so gross? It was just clean for Thanksgiving and now it's horrible. I feel like crying, or hiding under my bed where life can't find me! I know I'm putting all of this on myself and I don't actually NEED to do any of this stuff, well except grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, taking care of sick (and healthy) kids and looking after my dogs. But I want to do all the crafty stuff if only I had the time.

I know this blog is whiny, but it felt good to get it out of my head. Things will be what they will be and I'll get done what I can and the rest will just have to wait. For now I'm gonna take a deep breath and look at cute pictures of my girls.....wanna join me? :)

Today I am going to:
Pick the Moo (Maddie) up from school
Grocery shop
Buy more felt
Work on sweater animals


Becky said...

I feel ya girl! Lots to do, not enough time to do it. And prioritizing sucks cause it usually means the fun stuff gets left behind! :( We'll make it through friend! I believe in us!! :)

Keri, Gary, Abigail and Luke said...

I could scream right along with you!! But add in, I"VE GOT 2 KIDS WITH BIRTHDAYS AND 2 PARTIES!! I'm going insane...but your post made me smile, glad I'm not the only one who has to remind herself to breathe!

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