Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Secret Weapon

I have a few secret weapons in my arsenal that have been tested and kid approved. I don't use them very often because what good is a secret weapon if the element of surprise is gone? My kids are still sick. I'm still sick. I am sick of all the sick. 2 kids with diarrhea for almost 2 weeks is too much to bear. Two weeks of making food for 2 kids who aren't eating hardly anything is pushing me to the edge of sanity. I HATE wasting food. But when my kiddos are sick they stop eating, and me being the dutiful mother that I am (HA) still continues to make food for them in the hopes that they will eat it. I finally reached my limit and pulled out one of my secret weapons! The MUFFIN TINS. Da-da Da-da!!! I saw this idea on a blog a long time ago....maybe even before Charlotte was born and I thought it seemed like such a cute idea. Take a clean muffin tin and fill all the holes up with snacks, or a meal. It is such an easy thing to prepare and clean up, and the kicker is that my kids LOVE it! Maybe it's just that everything is so neat and organized, or things are in small portions or maybe it's because there is a variety to choose from when normally they get one thing for a snack, but whatever the reason, the muffin tin is magic in my household. This time I used yogurt covered raisins, rainbow goldfish crackers, apple slices, fruit snacks, pistachio nuts and chocolate covered pretzels. Things that I hoped they would eat. But in the past I've used cheese slices, lunch meat, ritz crackers, jelly beans, grapes, carrot sticks, cashews, popcorn, strawberries......the list could go on and on. Anything that is smaller than the size of a muffin will work! We probably won't be seeing the muffin tin for a month or two.....gotta retain the magic, but the girls had a lot of fun eating snack! (and they ate every last bite!)

Eating their snack on the couch while watching Curious George....
for the millionth time!

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Awesome idea! (Kelly)

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