Monday, November 30, 2009

Seriously, Henry? Seriously???

Everyday Henry looks a little better! We're still concerned about a few issues, but we're starting to see our old Henry again. He's still hobbling around and has to take the stairs really slowly. I'm not sure which leg is causing the most trouble but his front legs are still a bit stiff and he has an open wound on the right one. He has not been eating well and I have no idea what to do about it. He doesn't like the wet dog food we bought him, so we started feeding him chicken and he seemed to like that for a day and then wouldn't eat it. We then fed him his normal dog food mixed with mashed potatoes and warm water to make it soft. He ate some of that, but then stopped. This morning I chopped some chicken up into very small pieces and he wanted to eat it, but his mouth was sore, and his lower front teeth are all broken which I think is causing him some trouble with getting food into his mouth. So, I spoon fed it to him and he did pretty well with that. One of the major problems we're having is that he won't take his pain meds......we have to wrap the pills up in meat, scrambled eggs or cheese and try and trick him, and occasionally he'll eat it without chewing and swallow the pills but most of the time he eats whatever treat we've given him and spits the pill out. Without the pain meds, he is hurting which means it is painful to eat, so he just doesn't eat. Which leads me to another concern.....he hasn't pooped since before the accident. It makes sense that if he isn't eating, he wouldn't be pooping, but he's had at least 1/4 to 1/2 cup of some type of food for the last couple days and still NO poop. I wonder how long this can continue?? Mostly Henry has been sleeping, sometimes in our bedroom, sometimes on the living room rug, sometimes on his dog bed. He has gone under our kitchen table once to see if the girls dropped anything that he might want to eat, and he now gets up and comes into the kitchen when we are cooking something both of which are very Henry-ish things to do. Tyson has been a very good boy around Henry. He sleeps next to him, and has been really gentle.

It's wonderful that Henry is healing but I seriously wanted to kill him this morning! The girls and I were getting ready to leave the house and go to the park. I had already got their shoes on, was rounding up sippy cups and my car keys and I heard the front door squeak open. I dropped my keys on the kitchen floor and RAN to the front door just in time to see both Tyson and Henry fly out the front door, down the brick steps and into the street. I yelled at the girls to stay on the front porch and I sprinted as fast as I could down our street chasing after the dogs. Thank goodness Henry is still healing and can't run very fast (normally he is super fast) and I was able to catch up to him before he crossed one of our busy neighborhood intersections. I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck on his back because he hasn't been wearing his collar since the accident and I dragged (slowly walked) him back home. As I was walking with him, his limp was worse than it was earlier that morning and he was wheezing from the exhaustion of his short run with bruised lungs. STUPID. STUPID DOG! I can not believe that he would do that to himself again. I got him inside, checked to make sure he wasn't bleeding anywhere and then went outside to wait for Tyson to come back. Without Henry running around with him, Tyson always comes back to the house after he pees on stuff. Tyson came home after a couple of minutes, I put him inside and checked Henry again just to make sure he was okay......which he was. I then gave him a stern talking to and told him he is grounded for the rest of his life. We bought a wireless pet fence the day Henry was in the hospital......apparently we need to get it set up a.s.a.p.......I never would have dreamed he would try and escape this soon after his accident while he is still in so much pain. Urgh!!!! Hopefully his wild run didn't cause him any more damage. What am I going to do with this dog?!? Spoon feed him I guess! :)

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