Monday, November 30, 2009

I've got a case of the Mondays

I'm not having a great day. Both Charlotte and I are sick.....again! I'm trying to clean up the post Thanksgiving mess that is my house, I have about 10 pounds of dog hair all over the floors since the dogs are now inside full time, Maddie has been majorly protesting sleep and I'm still dealing with a banged up, not eating, hasn't pooped in 6 days dog. I feel like curling up in my warm and cozy bed and telling the girls (and dogs) to look after themselves for the rest of the afternoon. Yeah right!

And for a little added fun-ness this morning, Charlotte decided the best thing to do with a found marker was to add some writing to Daddy's psychology text book......and her face.......and her hands.......and all over her pajamas. I'm all for artistic expression, but what is it with kids and writing on themselves? I couldn't get mad at her, it was my own fault for actually thinking I might try and get some of the dog hair vacuumed up while they were watching cartoons. I took the marker away, told her it was a no-no and went about trying to scrub the blue off her face and hands. Not much came off, and we got some weird looks at the park, but eventually it will fade.......something I've learned from the 25 other times my kids have markered themselves! I brought her over to the mirror so she could see her handy work, and she smiled this huge smile and said, "Pretty Char-yette!" So, there ya go!

Hopefully Dan wasn't planning to sell his book!


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