Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Warning.....this blog is BORING!

I am so incredibly tired! We have had quite a weekend. (our weekend not the normal real world weekend) Dan and Maddie drove to Charlotte for his parents anniversary.....we were all supposed to go, but Maddie had been sick for a few days before and I thought I was going to have to stay home with her. By Sunday she seemed to be feeling better and then Charlotte got sick. So Dan took Maddie because we thought she would be fine, and she was, but now Charlotte seems to be doing fine and Maddie is getting worse. Confusing?!? She had a fever last night and this afternoon and her stomach problems have not completely cleared up and now she has a bad cough and a froggy throat. Not the end of the world, but I wish she would just get over whatever she has going on! Is it the flu or a cold?

There is nothing better than fresh rosemary.....well maybe fresh basil.....it's a toss up! My parents have a rosemary bush the size of a grizzly bear in their backyard and about once a year I get a big ol' bag of it delivered to my house. The last time I got rosemary was when Charlotte was born and my dad brought it in his carry on. This year my mom mailed it to me! I got the package this weekend with some cute monkey pajamas that she made for Charlotte and over a pound of rosemary. I'm currently drying it so that I'll be able to use it for the next year or so, but in the mean time I will enjoy the deliciousness that is fresh rosemary. For those of you who really like rosemary I'd recommend growing it yourself.....the stuff you buy in the store is no where near as good as what you can grow in the backyard. It's a hardy plant, slow to start if you plant from seed but it gets huge! Does not handle cold weather so if you're like me and live where it gets below 30 degrees you'll want to plant it in a container so you can bring it inside. My herbs got very neglected this year due to our move, but I'm planning on rocking out a big garden this coming spring with lots of herbs!

I had my passport appointment yesterday! I know this probably sounds lame, but I am really, really excited about getting a passport. I've never had one because I've never had a need......in the past you never needed one to get down to Mexico which is the only other country that I've been to. I guess my excitement stems from the idea that having a passport means that I can go wherever I want now. Not that I'm able to take off and travel the world anytime soon, but I have the option, and Dan and I have always talked about me going with him on his business trips to Denmark, France, Switzerland and Germany. Maybe I'll actually get to go! So anyway, below is my passport picture. I don't think it's great, but it is definitely not horrible. I'm looking forward to getting my passport in the mail in 6-8 weeks.....we're one step closer to the Dominican Republic!!

With the kiddos being sick and now the non stop rain that we are going to have for the rest of the week, I haven't been able to get outside and take pictures. This bums me out. I do have some pictures to post from a couple projects that I have recently finished, but I can't put them up yet.....they were gifts and I don't want to ruin the surprise. I should be free to post in a couple days. I also have some great fall tree shots that are waiting in the wings....maybe tomorrow. I guess I've been a bit of a slacker lately on taking pictures and blogging. It's just that I have limited time to do things that I enjoy and sometimes I have to rotate things.....I've been sewing a lot lately, so the photography and blogging and reading gets put on the back burner. And I have some grand ideas for home made Christmas gifts for my kids this year so the sewing/crafting streak isn't going to end anytime soon! Just bear with me.....blogs WILL be posted, but maybe not as frequently as normal.

I started this post last night but needed to go to bed, so it wasn't finished until this morning. I woke up at 8:30 am in a slight panic because it was 8:30 and my kids hadn't woken me up. I worried that the monitor was turned down too low.....and the very irrational part of me worried that someone stole them in the night. But I went upstairs and they were both asleep. At 8:30 in the morning! Weird. But both girls had fevers this morning which probably explains the sleeping in, so we're in for fun day! Better get scootin' Happy hump day.

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