Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The end of a season

Have I mentioned how much I adore fall? Yes, I'm sure that I have. Haha. This will probably be my last fall leaves post because things are coming to a close this season, especially after the storm we have been enjoying for the last 24 hours which won't be ending until Friday. It's been pouring non stop which is causing flood warnings all over the county (the creek behind our house has water coursing through it, no flooding but very full) and the wind is very gusty which is making all of my beautiful colored leaves blow off the trees. Dan and I sat on our screened porch yesterday before it really started raining and watched hundreds of leaves flutter down to the ground. It is a truly beautiful sight I tell ya! I also really enjoy seeing the streets in our neighborhood covered in fallen leaves and the piles of raked leaves on the side of the road waiting to be picked up by the big leaf sucker trucks. You know those movies that take place in quaint east coast towns where people drive volvos and wear cable knit sweaters and the sky is clear and trees are loosing their brightly colored leaves? I feel like we live there minus the volvo and sweaters. I am going to miss my fall when it is finally over in the next week or so, but the great thing about living here in North Carolina is that I get to experience all of the seasons every year! Fall will return next year right when I'm beginning to think that summer will never end. Just like spring shows up when I'm at my wits end with winter cold! I'll leave you with the image of me singing The Circle of Life from the Lion King and some beautiful fall leaves!

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