Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yep, still sick!

We are still in the land of the sick. I finally caved in and took Maddie to the doctor yesterday. I don't know why I bother really, they never have any answers and they always tell me to keep doing what I've already been doing. I need to actually listen to my intuition and save myself $15 and the aggravation of dragging 2 kids to the germ infested doctor's office! I do this every time though.....the kids get sick, I decide to wait it out because hey, kids get sick. It lasts longer than I feel it should and I cave in and bring them to the doctor because everyone around me tells me I should and the doctor tells me absolutely nothing that I don't already know. Although this trip they did actually test Maddie for influenza (negative) and strep (negative) and I learned that diarrhea can last up to 2 weeks for kids! Super.

Charlotte has been running a 103 degree fever, but only after her nap in the afternoon. She is sleeping well through the night, still has diarrhea and is a bit more irritable then normal. Maddie has had a low grade fever for the last few days, still has frequent diarrhea and has been complaining that her stomach hurts. Both girls aren't eating much, but some meals are better than others....Maddie actually did quite good with food today.....Charlotte not so much! Neither one of them have been lethargic or overly emotional or grumpy. If it weren't for the river butt and the occasional spike in temp you wouldn't even know they were sick! And at least they aren't throwing up!!! I can handle everything else, but barf is not something I'm good with. I'm a sympathetic vomit-er. Blech.

Anyway, enough of the gross stuff. I'm sure Auntie Erin will not enjoy the poop talk, but I'm just trying to maintain my world wide web poop talk stats! I'm up for a gold star pretty soon! :) I've been trying to keep the girls occupied and keep all of us from getting cabin fever but it's getting quite hard. The weather has been awful and made it impossible to get outdoors. Tomorrow is scheduled to be yucky again, but Saturday is boasting sunny skies and 70 degree weather! I think we'll try and go on a nature walk to collect more things for a fall bouquet and I want to buy some fabric to make a Thanksgiving tree with the girls. And if my lovely husband permits I want to head up to the Scrap Exchange in Durham! Oh, I also want to make a trip to the thrift store to buy some sweaters that I can use for sewing projects so I can stop cutting my sweaters up......but more on that later! :) For now we will continue watching Curious George over and over and over again and snuggling under the covers on our big bead while reading a gazillion books! All in all not a bad way to spend some sick time with my girls!

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