Thursday, December 24, 2009


I am done with all things Christmas related! Finally. Dan finished the ribbon wands and I did the last stitching on the canvas bags. I am so happy to be done.....and just in the nick of time! I even have all of my wrapping done and Dan has assembled the wooden sink, stove and microwave.....the refrigerator is scheduled for tonight. I have stockings to stuff, and presents to put under the tree and then we will be ready for tomorrow morning. This afternoon I am going to make sugar cookies with the girls, then dinner, Christmas eve presents (matching pajamas and their Christmas ornaments) bath time, Christmas presents from the California grandparents over Skype and then off to bed with the littles. Maybe a movie or two for the man and I, some sugar cookie eating and sugar plum dreams......lots of sugar apparently! :o)

I made these canvas bags for the girls to use with their play bags or what not. But I think they would be good bags to take to the library, or the beach, or even as an overnight bag. I painted the doily circle and sketched and painted the letters and then embroidered around them. The birds are appliques.

Charlotte's canvas bag:

Maddie's canvas bag:

For the past couple years my mom has been getting us pieces of the Willow Tree nativity set. This year I got the last installment.....the creche. I LOVE this nativity! It's all wood, hand crafted and very simple. The colors are muted and lovely! It's really, really beautiful. I was afraid that the girls would get their little hands on it and break it, so I set it up on our dining room table and thus far they've left it alone! It's too precious to break. Thanks mom, for giving us this amazing nativity set.....we will enjoy it every year!

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