Wednesday, December 23, 2009

moving day.

Dan very kindly informed me last night that my crafting stuff is driving him crazy and it's time for me to move it all upstairs! Turns out, I'm thisclose to being done with my projects anyway, so what better time to move?!? I am in love with my shelving unit! It has SO much space.....even though I'm only using the top two rows as my designated space, there is just so much storage and the drawers are truly fantastic. I've already moved most of my stuff up there and I have a separate drawer for ribbons, trim, thread, elastic, sewing pins and scissors and I haven't even come close to filling everything up! I thought I'd post some before pictures so everyone could see what great shelves these are before I go crazy and fill them all up with crafting supplies and books! I'll post some after shots once I get all organized. Dan has already installed my counter height crafting table (which is not shown) but there is still some trim work that needs to be done, so I'll post pics of that too once it's finished. All I need now is a comfortable stool and more craft/sewing project ideas and I'll be set!!

You can find this shelving unit at Ikea, although we found it on Craigslist for a steal of a deal! The line is called expedit and comes in different sized units. The drawers and cupboards are sold separately and are fully modular which makes customizing very easy!

Straight behind Dan is where my work table is

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Becky said...

We love our exipidet book shelves! We have two. Trevor is not a huge Ikea fan, but he loved how deep the shelves are and ours are only 2 high so we don't have to anchor them to the wall. Yours look abosolutely lovely! :)

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