Wednesday, December 9, 2009

giggly, stubborn, chatty, sensitive, frog boot wearing girl

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from nine o'clock until one o'clock Charlotte gets to pretend that she is an only child while Maddie is at preschool. Her first couple of years have been so different than Maddie's were because she has always had someone else around. While having a sibling is fantastic in so many ways, it also means less one on one parent time and she also has the constant influence of Maddie's wishes and choices to contend with. When the person you're with all day long is bigger and louder and more opinionated it stands to reason that your decisions will be strongly influenced. But, three mornings a week Charlotte gets to be the boss, she sets her own pace, plays with the toys that interest her and she gets undivided attention from Dan and I. I really enjoy these mornings that we have together! As I've mentioned before, it's actually more work having just one kid around, but four hours is a manageable amount of time to lavish attention on my youngest. We have tried really hard to be intentional with one on one time with the girls. We make a point of taking each one out for special "dates" and I think it's really important to continue doing this no matter how many kids we have. Until next year when Charlotte will start going to preschool three mornings a week as well, I'm going to savor this time with my giggly, stubborn, chatty, sensitive, frog boot wearing girl!

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