Thursday, December 10, 2009

what we love & weekend plans

Tomorrow morning Dan is taking both girls to his parents house for a 3 day weekend visit. I am staying home! Party time!! Not really. I am going to be spending my time cleaning my house, doing laundry and working on projects.....a couple Christmas gifts, appliques, felt food, stuffed sweater animals, canvas grocery bags and laundry. I have a few packages that need to get put together and mailed out and did I mention laundry?!? I am SO lucky to have a man who is willing to give me weekends to myself occasionally so that I can get things done! Dan is totally a 5 star husband! (star rating is based on 5 being the highest)

I have completed all of my Christmas cards and mailed them off and I finished 4 felt eggs, 5 strawberries and countless bow tie pastas.....I also have every bit of my Christmas shopping done. My to do list still feels like it's very full, but every item I cross off is a small success! I'm actually feeling very confident that I'll get everything done before Christmas. I'll have a spotless house after my cleaning spree this weekend and I think we'll get our tree on Sunday evening......Bring on the Christmas cheer! I think that my holiday funk this year has a lot to do with the end of Dan's school semester. He has been working his butt off writing papers and taking finals and we haven't had any time to sit back, relax and enjoy. The semester ends this weekend and he'll have a month off to breathe before the next semester begins! Hopefully life will slow down and we'll have more time to just be.

I don't know if I'll be around much this know I have laundry to do! So I thought I'd leave you with a few things that we are loving right now. I don't have anything that Dan loves on my list, because I don't think he loves anything right now.....other than us! He is in paper writing hell. Poor Dan.

International Delight White Chocolate Raspberry creamer is seriously my crack right now! It is SO amazingly delicious. I wake up in the morning and am annoyed that I have to wake up, but then I remember that I have this glorious creamer to transform my coffee into crack and it makes getting up just a little bit easier! has been one of our favorite kid sites for over a year, but with Maddie really interested in phonics and reading right now it has become an awesome resource. Both girls are really entertained by the site which is great because it's often a challenge keeping Charlotte occupied while we do big kid stuff with Maddie. This site is Maddie's crack.

Cloud Nine sheepskin slippers are the best slippers I have ever owned! I've had a lot of slippers in my lifetime and have always been disappointed. My mother in law got these for me last year for Christmas and I adore them. They are very well made and they keep my footsies warm all winter.....I am wearing them right now!

White chocolate cranberry bars are delicious and nutritious! (what???? they have cranberries in them!) The girls helped me make them this afternoon and although I have not eaten one.....yet (don't tell Dan) I try to make them at least once a year and they never disappoint! Brown sugar, powdered sugar, butter, cream cheese, cranberries and white chocolate. OH MY. I actually made them for all our neighbors.....maybe I can resist the temptation?!?

Colored pencils have been used every day this week. Kids adore them, and they don't make a mess. Although the tips do break when toddlers chew on them.....I may need to buy a pencil sharpener. All of my Christmas card recipients have very lovely, colorful cards to look forward to! Enjoy.

CHEEZ-IT Scrabble Jr. crackers are the bomb. We don't actually play scrabble with them (although I'm sure that would be fun.....don't like the letters you have? Eat them.) but we do munch on them and it's fun to name the letters! Such a fun and educational snack!

Gain Joyful Expressions Apple Mango Tango. Delicious! I'm always looking for something that will make doing laundry more fun.....maybe if it's more fun, I'll actually want to do it?!? Maybe. This detergent smells so yummy! I love that the scent stays on the clothes even after they have been in our drawers for many days. It's especially delightful when I iron fabric that has been washed in it....the steam releases the scent. Although I wouldn't recommend ironing unless you absolutely have to. :)

Well, I best get back to making felt food. If you don't hear from me this weekend just assume that I'm elbow deep in toilets and hiding from laundry! Ciao.


fidget said...

those white chocolate cranberry bars look YUM

Liz said...

Could you share the recipe for the cranberry bars?? Those would be great to give to our neighbors for a gift.

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