Monday, December 21, 2009

I accept chocolates

We've had this Quickie microfiber dust mop for a few months now. Dan and I have a little addiction to cleaning products which also branches out to mops and brooms and such. I don't know where Dan bought this particular mop but it was from one of three places; Agri Supply, Home Depot or Hudson's. I've never really liked this mop for dusting. I feel like my Dyson and occasional sweeping does a better job. So the Quickie mop has gotten little use.

Today Dan took the girls to the park and I decided to mop my dirty floors that I neglected during my last big clean. We have another flat floor mop that I use with hot has a terry cloth cover that comes off and on for rinsing and washing and for the life of me I could not find that cover! So in a pinch I grabbed the Quickie dust mop and decided to get it wet and give it a try. Oh my GOODNESS! This dust mop is fantastic for mopping floors!! It holds a good deal of water in it's microfiber goodness, it's a good scrubber without being abrasive on my hard wood floors, it's easy to rinse out, (I don't use the bucket method with mopping, I just rinse-wring out-mop-repeat) it is super light weight, the head on it rotates which makes it easy to maneuver, and the microfiber attachment can be taken off and machine washed! I also found that it works really well for base boards because it is flexible and so light weight! I used this mop on my hardwood floors and ceramic tile and it did a beautiful job!

You should go out and get one.....Dan said it only cost about $10 which to me is TOTALLY worth it. Quickie has a lot of green cleaning products as well made from microfiber and bamboo.....check out their site HERE. When you do get one, and you love it as much as I do, just know that I accept chocolates as payment for great advice! :o)

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At least you finally used the mop. Don't you hate it when things just lie around the house?

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