Friday, December 18, 2009

Kiddo craft: ornaments

I have not been on the ball when it comes to Christmas crafts this year. I'm working on a ton of things myself, but they are all meant to be gifts which excludes the girls from know element of surprise and all! Not to say that we haven't been busy and that the girls haven't been getting their dose of just hasn't been in the form of crafting. BUT, we did get their annual ornaments made! My favorite ornaments of all time are the home made ones with pictures. I have a few of them on my tree from my youth and I plan on having the girls make one every year! Last year we made mittens and covered them with beads and buttons and stuffed them. This year we made felt bulbs with glitter glue. It's super easy and if you hurry, you might still have time to make one before Christmas!

Step one:
Cut out the shapes ahead of time. Give your kids bottles of glitter glue and let them squeeze glitter all over the place.

Step two:
Hand out paint brushes and let them spread the glitter glue all over.....especially on hands and face.....that's the best!

Step three:
Let dry.....mine dried for a few days until I had the time to finish.

Step four:
Not shown! Pick out pictures that you like that will fit in your ornament. Cut a hole in one of your ornament halves big enough to show picture. Hot glue gun the picture to the "frame" half of the ornament. Then attach the two halves together...... I sewed mine together with a zig zag stitch, but for those not sewing machine inclined you can either hand stitch the two halves together with a whip stitch or you could probably glue gun it! I have to say though that in my experience hot glue doesn't stand the test of time that stitching does.....something to ponder. I then sewed on the yellow felt at the top to make it look like a bulb.....I cut the bottom with my pinking shears.

Wa-la!! You now have a beautiful picture ornament to adorn your tree for years to come! Maddie keeps walking over to our tree and saying, "Mama, that's me! That's my picture on the tree!"

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