Friday, December 18, 2009

Quilted scarves

These scarves are easy and fun to make! You put it together like you would a quilt and add a little trim on the ends. The creative options are endless. The hardest part was the actual quilting and it wasn't even hard, just time consuming.....especially when you run out of thread and send your husband to buy more and he gets upholstery thread which jammed your sewing machine up! :o) I made two of the smaller kid sized scarves and the bigger one I made for Maddie's teacher. Miss Dawn really seemed to like it, although you never know....people are generally pretty good at pretending they like gifts! I like these scarves so much that I'm going to make one for myself, but probably not until after Christmas. I joked with Dan that I was going to make one for him as well, but with like camouflage material or some other manly design. He told me that if I made it for him, then he would wear it! What a great man! I told him that if he wore a hand made scarf he would get beat up on the playground......I probably won't make him one, but it's lovely that he would wear it even if it meant being teased by the kids at work!

Charlotte approves!


MomBabe said...

Those are really cute!

Anonymous said...

Can I put my order in for one just like that black one? I love the model, she looks so professional, possibly a future profession?

Love Grandma

heyjennifer said...

I like those!

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