Friday, January 29, 2010


Budding Artist
The girls helped me decorate and make a paper chain today! I'm hoping that they will use it while we are gone to count down the days until we return. I've been talking extensively with the girls....mostly Maddie, about our trip. They know that grandma is coming tomorrow and that Dan and I are going to the "morockian lepulic" and that we will be gone 12 days. We've counted to 12 forwards and backwards and I've reminded them that Mama and Daddy love them and that anytime we go away we will ALWAYS come back. It's so hard for me to feel excited about this trip because I don't want to leave my girls. I feel like I miss them already! Not gonna think about it! Anyway.....gonna try and get some packing done tonight. (I haven't even started) Keep a look out tomorrow for a fun snow blog. It's snowing right now and it's supposed to snow all day tomorrow! Yippee!!

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Becky said...

So jealous! A 12 day vacation sounds like HEAVEN! Have a blast and take LOADS of pictures..... like I need to tell you that! :)

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