Thursday, January 28, 2010

deep, deep discounts

I've had a few people ask me about my consignment sale loot from last week! When was I going to post pictures? Well, I actually hadn't really planned on posting pictures because I mostly bought clothes, and who really wants to look at a bunch of pictures of clothes? But, I try and keep my loyal readers happy, so here's a quick glimpse of what we got!

Lot's of spring and summer clothes.
Size 3T for Charlotte and 6x for Maddie!
Yes, my children are huge!

A few assorted fitted diapers

Some random extra inserts for pocket diapers

7 Mother-Ease fitted terry diapers
These diapers are $12 each new
I paid $10 for 15 and they are BRAND NEW!
Okay, so I told you that wouldn't be very exciting! I had already washed, folded and put up all of the clothes that I got for my girls and had NO desire to unfold them so that I could photograph them for my you got the cliffs notes version!

What I have decided to share with you is the stuff that I picked up for my sister in law Angela. While shopping at the consignment sale I was on the look out for a few things for my nieces! I think I found some good deals for them! I frequently talk about buying used, especially for kids and how much money you can save. This is a great example of exactly how much you can save when you take the time to search out used goods! I'm just lucky that all of these used bargains are under one roof twice a year! Here's some food for thought.....what could you buy for your children for $130? Well, here's what I got........

10 dresses


(this dress is adorable and my fav!)

Lands End
(the sun makes some of the pics kinda wonky)

J.Khaki kids
(this dress was $1)

Old Navy


Christie Brooks

J.Khaki kids


(this dress is so simple & sweet)

Ralph Lauren snow suit

Sprout Pouch baby sling

Stride Rite

11 pairs of tights

8 Mother-Ease cloth diapers

These Swaddlebees diapers I just threw in because they didn't work for us....not part of the $130

A big thank you to Dan and his arm for lovingly holding up the clothing so that I could photograph them! Without your arm my dear, none of this could have been possible! :o)

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