Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Dan and I are back home from our vacation in the Dominican Republic. We had a great time......a few set backs, but more than once we said, "this is the life!" The beach and resort were fantastic although I doubt we will go on vacation for such a long time anytime in the near future! It was SO hard being away from the girls for 12 days and after a week we were ready to come home. It has been interesting adjusting back to real life and both girls had a rough time one point they were both in tears, fighting over who got to sit on my lap. Today has been much better and I keep reassuring them that I'm not going anywhere until they are 30!! Needless to say I have not had time to go through and edit my pictures and right now my 365 project is on hiatus until life calms down. My girls deserve my time, so instead of blogging I'm gonna be lovin' on'll just have to stay tuned because sometime in the near future I will have a lot of beautiful pictures! But I did want to share with you the wacky change of weather we experienced on Friday. The first part of the day was sunny, warm and breezy but we arrived home to SNOW!! Weird. I'm really glad to be home!

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