Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chilly park time

It's been quite a while since I've taken pictures of my beautiful girls, so I'm taking a break from vacation pics and posting some shots I took at the park today. We didn't stay at the park for too long.....it was 40 degrees, but with the wind it felt MUCH colder. We ate lunch and played for about 30 minutes and when we just couldn't take the biting cold any longer we headed home for naps all around. It was really nice getting out of the house but since it's supposed to be even colder for the next few days, that's probably all of the outside time we'll have until this weekend.....it's supposed to be 50 on Saturday!! Woo hoo. My girls are such cutie pies and I must say that I enjoy taking pictures of them far more than tropical islands! It's good to be home!

P.S. Is anyone else just not into the Olympics right now? I'm usually really excited to watch but for whatever reason I find it all really boring right now. I'm gonna try and watch tonight....we'll see.

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