Monday, February 22, 2010

Dreams La Romana

In case anyone out there has been thinking about a reasonably priced tropical vacation I highly recommend Dreams La Romana in the Dominican Republic! It is a beautiful property, all the food, drinks and entertainment is included and they offer tons of can be as involved, or like us.....uninvolved as you'd like! For those of you who like to get out and explore there are lot's of sightseeing excursions, hiking, snorkeling, speed boats, diving, cave swimming, horse back riding, ATVing, swimming with dolphins......the list goes on and on. Dan and I were not interested in excursions partly because of the price (although if you book excursions when you book your trip it's a lot cheaper than waiting till you get to DR) and because we really just wanted to lounge around in the sun and do NOTHING! The food is tasty, the drinks are flowing, and the staff is amazing and will bend over backwards to help you. They do speak Spanish there although most of the staff minus maids and bus boys spoke enough English to get by and lot's of the staff spoke nearly perfect English......and Dan and I know enough Spanish that we made it work, but you'd be surprised what you can say with hand gestures! :o) When we were originally planning this trip we were going to return to Maui, but it seemed a little boring since we'd been there twice in 4 I branched out and started researching the Caribbean and was pleasantly surprised to find that the cost of an all inclusive resort and airfare in DR was about the same price as just the hotel accommodations in a comparable hotel in Maui......airfare, food, rental car etc. would have all been on top of that!! And the whole time we were at Dreams La Romana we kept saying how the resort was as nice as resorts in Maui! You can get a good feel for what the resort looks like by browsing all of my vacation blogs, but these are the last few pics I have of the actual property.....don't worry, there are at least 2 more vacation blogs to go! lol

This was our building #7

King size bed

Table......we never ate there

Yes, there is a TV with satellite cable, but most of the channels were in Spanish or weird. We did like the British and Spanish MTV! :o)

Entrance to the room
Closet space (room safe was in there)
Coffee maker and daily restocked mini bar

Our patio....I did a little sink laundry towards the end of our stay

Every day we had a little surprise from our maid. Towel art, curtain art, sheet art, a bouquet of flowers, rose petals all over the bathroom counter etc.


Main lobby and bar

The main lobby had TONS of seating areas

Walkway to the beach bar

Water trampoline.....Dan and I jumped around on it the first day

All of the pools and the beach have servers who take drink orders and bring them to you! Tip them.....they work really hard!!

Walkway to the main dining room/buffet

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