Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random ramblings for Wednesday

I am in a blogging desert. I don't feel like writing, don't feel like taking pictures.....don't really feel like doing anything other than sleeping, eating pickles and watching videos on MTV unplugged. I completely blame the pregnancy! Does that work as a valid excuse for you?

So, yes....we are preggo! Number 3 is cooking and on it's way in October. Dan and I had originally thought that we'd wait to tell people about the baby.....but just like with the last 2, we aren't good at all at waiting so we spilled the beans. It is still early, but it's nice to be able to talk about it and complain when necessary and I figure if something bad were to happen I'd want to talk about it on my blog anyway since this is where I get my thoughts why wait?!? We are really excited although I'm nervous about how a third child will change our life, but I have 7 more months to get used to the idea and as we've learned with both Maddie and Charlotte our hearts and lives expand to make room when our family grows! I always think it's funny when people talk about being "ready" to start a family, or "ready" for another baby....I don't think there is ever a point when we're ready.....what does ready even mean? If we wait to be ready it'll never happen......we won't ever have enough money, enough room or enough time. Dan and I just leave ourselves open to what God wants to bless us with whether we feel ready or not! So far our faith hasn't let us down.

Pickles are the name of the game right now. I had Dan buy me two different kinds at the store the other day.....big ol' dill ones and baby dills. I am super into salty things right now although I had a craving for beans the other day and ate a ton of them and it didn't turn out well at all. Sometimes our cravings aren't really so good for us! lol At least I have two partners in crime with my cravings this time around, my girls can keep up with me pickle for pickle......they obviously have my genes in them! With both Charlotte and Maddie I craved cake, so maybe this need for saltiness means we have XY genes this time. Hmmmm.....

I am taking Maddie to the circus for the first time tonight! I haven't told her yet but I know that she is going to be SO excited. She talks about the circus all the time. We got pretty good tickets, second row in the VIP section near the floor, so we should have a great view of all the circus fun! I wouldn't go to the circus on my own at this point in my life (although I would go to the the rodeo) but taking my daughter to the circus breathes new life into's so fun being able to see the world through her eyes! I'm planning on bring my camera.....that's allowed right? Maybe I'll get some cool shots and it will jump start me back into shutter bug status again! Wish us luck!

Onto my MTV unplugged addiction. We don't have cable and I haven't watched MTV in over a year, but while in the Dominican Republic that was basically the only TV channel that we watched and it wasn't even US MTV. We had Great Britain and Spanish MTV.....although a good amount of the music was American......GB has some interesting reality TV shows on MTV, and not necessarily good interesting. Anyway, I caught a band called Paramore on Unplugged while in DR and fell in love with them! I have been so out of the music scene for the past few years while making and raising babies but apparently Paramore is a lot more popular outside of our country so maybe I'm not as lame as I originally thought! :o) Hayley Williams the lead singer of Paramore is phenomenal! She has a strong, smokey voice that makes me want to get up and dance.....which I've been doing frequently for the past couple days. Maddie keeps asking for more rock n' roll so we can dance! If you like punky, rocky popish music check out Paramore!

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