Monday, April 12, 2010


I don't think I've ever met a kid who doesn't adore some bubbles! Such a cheap and easy toy and so much fun for the kiddos. Charlotte is particularly obsessed with bubbles right now and could spend forever chasing them around. Unfortunately Maddie is in that stage where she really wants to hold the bubble wand and blow them herself, but she still lacks the ability to make it happen and the result is soap on her lips, and her waving the wand around in frustration and everyone getting coated in soap. We keep trying and I keep getting soaped, but someday she will be victorious over the bubbles. We have been spending so much time outside that we've already gone through 2 bottles of bubbles....time to get to the store and stock up!

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Liz Robitaille said...

I like to use the large bubble wands that have a long handle that you just wave in the air! No blowing necessary!! They sell them here in the dollar store.

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