Sunday, April 25, 2010


We are going to be having some schedule changes taking place sometime in May. Dan got a position on a new project at work and will be going to a Monday thru Friday schedule. At first I was very anti Mon-Fri because it means giving up our 3 day weekends every other week, and having no days off during the week like we have been used to for the past 3 years. But, Dan's new boss is okay with him making his own hours and as long as he gets his work done, which means that we will have Dan home around 3:30 every day....right about the time the girls are waking up from naps. 12 hours is a really long day, especially now that I'm preggo and tired all the time and I think that having the man home mid afternoon is going to make life a lot easier. Plus, it's not like the whole day is over at 3:30.....we can still get yard work done or run errands, or make Dr. appointments. There are definitely pluses and minuses to changing our life to a Monday thru Friday schedule, but like I told Dan months ago.....we'll adjust, we'll always make it work. What really matters is that he's happy and feels accomplished in his career. The rest is all just a matter of tweaking! Congratulations on your new job honey!!!

P.S. I also told Dan that until we've gotten used to the new schedule and our life finds it's new normal, I'm allowed to complain about the changes. He agreed. :o)

This isn't a great picture of Dan
He probably won't like it
But, it's the most recent picture that I have...
I took it today
Did you know that he grew a beard?
I was previously very anti beard
But I actually like the beard a lot!

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