Friday, April 2, 2010

This weekend.....

We have a busy weekend ahead of us! Gardening, cleaning, adding some chickens to our family, a date night and having a BBQ on Sunday at Auntie Angela's house. It feels like we have so much to get done and a very limited amount of time......thank goodness it's one of our 3 day weekends. Here's a list of what we'd like to accomplish by the end of this weekend.

burn all yard waste in our backyard
build strawberry bed and fill with dirt
plant strawberry plants
plant sunflowers
plant corn
build garden box that blueberry bushes go in
build chick brooder out of pallets
get baby chicks (yes, we decided to get baby chicks....I'll explain later)
blow up kiddie pool and swim
water plants
color Easter eggs
attend Easter service
have Easter egg hunt
clean up house (it's a MESS)
make fruit salad for BBQ
go to farmers market for produce
water plants

I'm sure there is more that we need to get done, but that's all that I could think of. At some point Dan needs to plumb the garage so we can hook up our top loading washer, we need to rip the bushes out of our front yard and plant new ones that we like, veggie trellises need to be constructed and there are still 2 more garden boxes that need to be made. Breathe. Spring is always a crazy busy time!

We had a rainy day a few days ago and by mid afternoon my kids were driving me crazy so I decided to do something to try and entertain them.....I threw them both in the bath and used that time to fold laundry. Nothing like a middle of the day bath to break things up. Baths have become such a business in our household....get them in, get them clean, get them out and jammied that I hardly have any pictures of my kids in the bath....I just don't remember to take those pictures. And I really should, because they're always great shots! So, I leave you with a few pics I got from their last bath. If I don't get around to posting again this weekend, have a blessed Easter!!

Charlotte did something mean to Maddie

But then apologized and gave her a kiss
All better.

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