Monday, April 5, 2010

Maddie's school party

Maddie had an Easter party at school. I'm not a huge fan of the school parties because the kids usually get all hopped up on sugar and pizza and then act like crazies for the rest of the day.....BUT, Maddie always looks forward to her parties and has such a great time, it almost makes up for the sugar high. The kids did an egg hunt, ate some candy and had lunch. I really liked that they allowed Charlotte to participate and I was amazed at how well she did at following directions and acting like she was just another kid in the class! She is going to LOVE going to preschool next year. Dan was able to steal away from work and join us for the party which was nice. Needless to say, nap time was a bit hairy after chocolate and jelly beans were consumed, but it was just one afternoon and I have since hidden all the rest of the Easter party candy!! :o)

Maddie got 2 skinned knees just in time for the party

Juice box love

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Becky said...

Dec did his first Easter Egg Hunt this year, and he really enjoyed it! We even hid the eggs around the living room and let him look for them again...what a fun age. I think I'm actually going to blog about it! :) Your girls are adorable!!

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