Friday, May 7, 2010

Hi there

I know I haven't been around much lately.....I just haven't really felt like blogging. And I got tired of having to post the food rules every day, so I may just spread them out or just post them when I feel like it. The weather has been getting warmer and more summer like which isn't my favorite, but our garden is growing wonderfully and we've been spending lot's of time outside.....gotta soak up the outdoors while it's still bearable to be out there! Dan finished his school semester and we've been hanging out and watching lot's of Showtime series. And in exciting TV news, our cable wire got knocked down a couple days ago and when Time Warner came out to fix it they didn't put a filter on our line (we normally only have internet) so for the time being we have free cable!! I've been enjoying lot's of HGTV. I have really mixed emotions about having cable in the house....part of me really enjoys it, but it is such a waste of time and brain cells. I think that not watching TV is a lot healthier for our family, but for now I'm going to get caught up on some House Hunters! :o) Some random pictures for you......

Painting is fun!

Charlotte's facial expressions......
I love them!


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