Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mini harvest

I have no idea how long I'm supposed to leave vegetables in the ground. I got a new book called Grow Vegetables and it's been very helpful on this topic and so many more, but I can only read so many books at once and right now I'm juggling the information is slow going. After reading up on lettuce, radishes, and spinach I decided to do a mini harvest. And since I have 4 basil plants and lot's-o-basil I harvested a bit of that as well. The soil that we had delivered this spring has turned out to be fabulous because I have never seen spinach or basil as big as what I'm growing right now! They are amazing. Since I have all these fresh greens, I am making salads for dinner. I'm going to saute sliced radish and shrimp with garlic and butter and we'll eat that over a fresh, truly organic salad. I'm excited to be eating food that I've grown!! Bon Appetite.



Mixed lettuce greens

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