Thursday, May 13, 2010

Haircut chair

We got a new computer desk chair. New is a relative term since the chair is 60 years old! We've been on the look out for a banker/lawyer style chair to go with our 1960s desk that Dan refurbished but new chairs are nearly $100 and I hadn't found any on craigslist for months. Finally I found this one, quite by accident and it was only $20! It needs a little love on the arms and legs where the finish has been worn off, but thats an easy fix. The chair is sturdy and actually quite comfortable and I adore the style of it!

For the kids, it was love at first sight! We've had it in our garage for the past week and every time we're outside working they want to play in the "haircut chair." Maddie gives Charlotte a haircut and then spins her around and around. Sometimes Mama takes turns spinning the girls round and round too.....dizzy kids are amusing! As soon as I sell our dining room furniture we're going to move the desk into the dining room and convert that space into an office. Hopefully the haircut chair will be refurbed by then and we can enjoy it indoors instead of on the driveway! And yes, in these pics my children are in their the front yard. They get soaking wet and then take their clothes off. Front yard nudity is a lesson in progress, we don't like it, but it's hard to enforce and sometimes it's just easier to let it slide when we're elbow deep in gardening. Don't judge! :o)

Getting a haircut

Getting a spin

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