Monday, May 17, 2010

Strawberries for a gloomy day

It's been raining all day today....thank the Lord!! We so need the rain, and every time it rains is one less time I have to water the garden, so basically I win! We woke up this morning to the power going out which is pretty inconvenient on a rainy and dark day. So I packed the girls up and we went out to breakfast and then played at Monkey Joe's. Maddie and Charlotte love the big inflatable bounce houses and slides, but I usually end up stressed out chasing after them and worrying about their safety. Awesome treat for them, ulcer for me. We all came home and took a 2 hour nap! The power is back on and while the girls watched some Sesame Street I was able to get some photo editing done and decided what better day to share a lovely afternoon of strawberry picking with you! I would not give up this rainy day for a sunny strawberry picking day, but it's nice to look at the pictures and remember the feel of the sun on our shoulders and the sweet taste of fresh strawberries. I have to say that strawberry picking is one of those things that signify a change in season to me, and just like Hill Ridge's pumpkin farm in fall, strawberry picking will be part of the tapestry of our family traditions......something that is to be counted on and remembered.

My beautiful Maddie & one of Charlotte's many weird faces


You will notice a theme of Charlotte eating strawberries

Maddie is so serious when she has a task
She didn't eat one single strawberry until she had filled her basket

Charlotte on the other hand......

The face and shirt just gets dirtier and dirtier

FINALLY she eats one!

And you can't pick strawberries and not have ice cream afterward!
Another one of C's lovely and photogenic faces!

I couldn't resist :o)

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