Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bring on the twos

It's unbelievable that another year has passed us by! Two years ago today I gave birth to my second daughter, Charlotte Grace. This baby girl changed my life more than anything else I had yet experienced. Life with Charlotte that first year was full of ups and downs that drove me crazy, made me weep, and taught me to count my blessings. The second year of my sweet girls life has been pure joy for me. She is loving, giving, creative, compassionate, polite, hysterical and oh so much more. I laugh every single day....even when she's driving me crazy, she is precious! Everyone who has ever met Charlotte (even strangers) has told me how great she is, how smart she is, how funny she is and I wholeheartedly agree! You've never met a character quite like Charlotte.

It's amazing how much kids learn in such a short period of time. Charlotte started talking at 15 months and I haven't had any quiet since then. :o) She talks in complete sentences often times using 7-10 words. She is not shy about making her opinion known! She can count to 10, knows a few words in Spanish and can draw really good circles. She has an amazing imagination and comes up with the funniest things. She loves baby dolls, but prefers the real thing, she loves dressing up and can now get herself dressed and she adores shoes. Boots, sandals, heels, slippers.....doesn't really matter what kind, this girl changes her shoes all day long! Charlotte loves other kids and can not wait to start preschool, but her most favorite person in the world is her sister Maddie. I am very blessed to have two children who love each other and play well together!

Favorite food: bananas & popsicles
Favorite toy: dolls & her new umbrella
Favorite color: pink, but mostly because it's Maddie's fav
Favorite lovie: stuffed Elmo and her paci
Favorite inside activity: painting & reading
Favorite outside activity: Water!! & riding bikes
Favorite show: Caillou
Favorite cartoon character: Dora & Elmo
Favorite word: Okay
Favorite animal: cow
Favorite place: the park or grandma's house
Favorite song: twinkle twinkle little star & put a ring on it :o)

I love this child more than words can convey, so I'm not even going to attempt it. I look forward to watching her grow into the girl and woman that God has planned for her to be. I know that come October our lives will change yet again, but I also know that Charlotte will prosper through it all.....she does love her a baby! Happy birthday to my sweet, beautiful and stubborn Charlotte. Hopefully the third year will be as fantastic as the second! Cheers.

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Julie Coyle said...

I love the montage! Your girls are adorable. I'm glad I got to meet them. Thanks for having us.

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