Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let them eat milk (and ice cream)

For those of you who know me......you understand that I am not a fan of summer here in North Carolina. Turns out, this year isn't any different. Weird. :o) Dan was looking up the weather the other day and informed me that while we were dealing with 94 degrees and humidity, Washington state was enjoying 48 degree weather. Washington is starting to sound really good right about now! My enjoyment of the summer here in NC is not helped by the fact that this is my second summer (out of 5) that I am pregnant and I've also been post partum for one summer......which for those of you who have given birth know is not much different than pregnancy what with the hot flashes, hormone fluctuations and constant nursing baby stuck to you. Anyway......

It's hot. I'm sure you understand that by now. The other day we spent some time outside delivering fliers to our neighbors for a BBQ we were co-hosting.....we were outside maybe 40 minutes before the girls started breaking down, the complaining and whining started and my shirt was soaked down with sweat. That was enough. We went home and I declared that we were having milkshakes for lunch. Just milkshakes. Not quite mother of the year as far as nutrition goes, but it was necessary, and it was GOOD. Maybe next time we'll have banana splits for lunch. Mmmmm.

Happy milkshake faces

And then Charlotte had a meltdown because I wouldn't let her use my camera.

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