Monday, July 12, 2010

The clothes extravaganza

We had a very busy and productive day yesterday! In anticipation of another little one I decided to organize all of the kid clothes that we have. Previously all outgrown clothes have been stuffed into garbage bags and shoved into attic space, but that makes it really difficult to inventory what we have when the next season rolls around, when Charlotte is ready to move into a bigger size and of course when we have another baby. I received 4 trash bags full of baby girl clothes from my sister in law last weekend and yesterday we set to work sorting through clothes, organizing and boxing items up by size. I also made labels so that it would be easy to see what was in each box once we put them back into the attic. Charlotte liked helping me go through the little baby clothes and quite enjoyed trying to squeeze herself into waaay too small baby items. We took a break in the morning to do some girls have really been into listening to the record player and we enjoyed Dinah Washington and one of my records from when I was a little girl. Then we got to the big part of the project which entailed 20 boxes spread all over the living room and kid clothes flying from all directions into their appropriate size box. It was a huge mess and I am SO glad that it is all over! Everything is organized and labeled and so much nicer.

On a side note, we made a really great craigslist score on Saturday! I found a woman who was selling a big lot of baby boy stuff. We ended up getting 172 clothing items, pajamas, outfits, onesies etc......most of them were 0-3 month and 3-6 month and all but 2 items were in pristine condition and some still had tags on them. We got 4 blankets, an entire crib bedding set, bibs, hats, socks, a bumbo seat, a baby walker, some maternity clothes and a few random men's shirts. ALL of that for $40!!! Dan did the math and if you only account for the clothes, we paid .23 cents for each clothing item and everything else was essentially free. We are planning on either giving away or selling the walker and the crib bedding because we don't need them, so we might be able to reduce our cost even more! We'll be able to clothe a boy (if we have one) for 6 months for next to nothing! Score! So, we're done dealing with clothes for a little while! The girls are all set with summer clothing and we won't have to deal with fall/winter stuff for another 3 or so months. Hooray....a big project crossed off our list!

Charlotte wearing a 3-6 month onesie and a bib

Then she added some awesome 6 month shorts which look a lot like hot pants! :o)

Maddie's favorite dancing partner is Bear....he's a gentleman!

Boogie woogie

This was what was hanging in their closet that they have outgrown!
Only a fraction of the total clothes

Let the sorting begin!

My poor kids could barely get around the living room all afternoon



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