Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get ready to rumble

My Maddie is a tough cookie. She is strong and she is brave....both great qualities when pillow fighting! There is nothing that this child enjoys more than being tickle tortured and being walloped with pillows. I watch the matches between Dan and Maddie and I instantly become the mother bear saying, "Be careful, go easy, don't hit her so hard, oh my goodness, not so rough you two!" But none of my warnings make an ounce of difference.....these two are a good fit when it comes to beating each other with fluffy goodness. We definitely love us a daddy in the Schultz household! As Dan prepares for his 5 day business trip to Denmark tomorrow I sit here reflecting on how much we will all miss him, how fun he is to play with and how much support he gives me everyday. You will be greatly missed daddy! We'll be training for the next big match while you're gone, so you better come home with your A game!

The triumphant winner!!

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