Thursday, July 8, 2010


Things are going really well with the garden. My cucumbers might be toast at this point......I think it got a wilt disease because all of the leaves are turning brown and dying despite lots of watering. But, it's still producing cucumbers (slowly) for the time being, so we'll see. My squash has also pretty much bit the dust, but that was because of what I like to call Dan disease.....which is Dan "pruning" my squash plants to death because they were taking over everything and then the plants dying. In his defense, he was trying to be helpful, but we've learned (the hard way) that vegetable plants should not be pruned. Out of 4 squash plants I have 1 left and it is growing new leaves, but not producing any squash, only time will tell! My eggplant, bell peppers and tomatoes are producing ridiculous amount of veggies and my beans are hanging in there. We've been harvesting corn every couple of days and let me tell you how wrong I was about my corn not tasting good. It is seriously SO delicious! I don't think I have ever had sweeter or more tender corn before. Really tasty! Towards the end of July I'm going to start making plans for my fall garden and get some seeds going. Last year my tomatoes kept growing well into fall, so I'm hoping that if I get more lettuce planted we'll be able to have fresh salads for many more months!

This was our harvest from today.
This is pretty much a daily occurrence except some days it's tomatoes instead of corn, or beans instead of peppers etc.
Everyday there is something amazing to eat!

Maddie modeling with our harvest.
She loves to help bring veggies in....she likes playing store with them!

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