Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lake days

It's kind of weird writing about one of our lake trips today when it's rainy and cool outside, but I'm not gonna complain because I prefer the gloomy to lake weather at this point. We've been making trips to Jordan Lake about once a week. We wait until after nap time and pack a picnic dinner or stuff to BBQ and head out. We swim in the lake and eat dinner and enjoy ourselves until around 8:00 when the sun starts to dip low and then we take our tired selves home, wash up and hit the hay. It's a great afternoon! The girls love being at the lake, the water is super warm....almost too warm and it's really shallow so they can wade out pretty far and not feel afraid. The water is really calm and since we try and go on Friday afternoon there usually aren't many people there. Maddie has always been a little fish, but Charlotte hasn't really enjoyed the water too much unless it's in a bath tub. For whatever reason on this particular trip something changed in my youngest and she decided that the water is a fantastic place to be and I watched her go from not wanting to go in at all, to wading in with a floatie, to ditching the floatie and jumping around and floating all on her own! And now when we go to the lake she goes right in and hardly wants any assistance.....which is a tad bit scary since she is still so little, but it's nice that she is enjoying herself and her fear of the water has evaporated. I'm really proud of Maddie too because even though she has always loved the water she never wanted to get her face wet and this summer I've watched her slowly get used to the idea of going under the water and now she dunks her face in and goes under the water all on her own. I'm glad that we've never pushed our girls to do more than they felt comfortable with in the water, because lo and behold they get there eventually.....on their own time! I really enjoy our time at the lake, it may be the only thing I miss when fall eventually shows up, but we've got at least 6-8 weeks before it's too cold to visit the lake.

We're ready for the lake!

It's nice that they're at an age where they actually WANT to help

They also want to throw rocks

She's so proud of herself!

Look Ma, no floatie

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