Monday, August 23, 2010

Live and let dye

I am officially done with fabric least for a little while! I have to say that it bums me out because I really enjoy doing it! I find that dyeing is a cheap and easy creative outlet for me and I don't really make too big of a mess, unlike some of my previous projects! I have newborn and small prefold diapers (for those of you who don't know, a prefold is an old school cloth diaper that's basically many layers of very absorbent cotton/bamboo/hemp etc. and you either pin them on or snappi them on baby and put a waterproof cover over) that were all natural and white and I decided that instead of keeping them plain I would try my hand at dyeing them!

I really really like how they turned out. Granted, some of them are little more girly than I was planning.....apparently I am not so well versed in color mixing, my red ended up a tad bit more pink than I thought it would, and I've learned that when mixing red (pink) with yellow it doesn't make orange like I had intended....however it does make a rather awesome hot pink!! lol Eh, you live and you learn! I still feel like all of these diapers would be fine on either a boy or a girl.....hippie boys can totally rock pink tie dye! I can't wait to start setting up dresser space for baby #3 and I really can't wait to start using all of my yummy newborn cloth diaper goodness. One day in the near future I'll have my newborn stash all organized and put away and then I'll take pictures and post them so everyone can see how delicious it is!! Till and let dye!

I dyed about half of my prefolds solid colors
which I love just as much as my tie dyed ones!


Mariaelena said...

I love these tie dyes, maybe someday if I get a free minute I will attempt some myself.

heyjennifer said...

That's really fun! I like the pink!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I like them. The solids are my favorite.

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