Monday, August 30, 2010

Saddle up those horses

My family is preparing to high tail it outta town and leave me alone for 5 days!! Dan is taking the girls up to Pennsylvania to go camping with his family and they leave on Wednesday. Five whole days with no husband, no children and no dogs! Why you ask am I not going with them......well, I feel like almost 8 months pregnant women should have the option of opting out of 12 hour (each way) car rides and sleeping in tents, so I have opted out! Of course I will miss them (at least a little bit lol) but I am SO looking forward to the peace and quiet. I plan on washing baby clothes and getting the baby's dresser and diaper station ready. I am hoping to get some sewing done, clean out our master bedroom closet and hang up and put away all of the girls fall/winter clothes. What I am not hoping to get done is any cleaning or house work! I spent the past weekend organizing and cleaning and doing laundry in the hopes that while my family is away I won't feel like I need to clean anything.....I may do some cleaning, but I mostly just want to relax and do fun things that I will enjoy......and cleaning isn't on that list. I feel like once my family returns home life is going to fly by at warp speed what with both girls starting preschool and Maddie's birthday and before I know it I will have a new baby in the house. It will be nice to take this time to mellow out before the storm and really prepare mentally and house-wise for our new baby. If you try and get in contact with me from Wednesday-Sunday and I don't answer my phone or email you back, don't take it personally.....I just don't want to talk to you. Haha. :o) Wish me luck while my family is traveling out yonder!

My Charlotte is so stinkin' cute!
I think that she should be cloned so that everyone
could have a Charlotte of their very own!

Heaven help me!


Becky said...

5 days alone?!?! Sounds like a dream!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

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