Wednesday, September 22, 2010

End of summer and bustin butts

Technically summer is supposed to be over. But apparently no one has informed mother nature of this has been in the 90s all week and today it hit 94! Bleh. I am so ready for summer to be over and my lovely most beloved fall to be here. It really seems unfair that near the end of September we are still dealing with hot summer least it's not really humid anymore, that makes it more tolerable.

We have been bustin' our butts to get projects done around our house in preparation for our new little bundle of joy. Most of these tasks are things that need to get done before winter arrives but we are aware that after we bring baby home we will have little to no time to tackle major for now we try and hustle. Dan cleaned our garage this past weekend and for anyone who has seen our garage, that was a big task! It is all nice and organized and clean (as clean as a working garage/shop can get) and I am no longer frightened to go in there. Dan also finished staining the remainder of our backyard fence and stained our deck and screened in porch. That was a major job but it needed to be done before the wood got beaten by another weather filled winter. We also got a whole bunch of old baby stuff out of our attic space and took pictures and listed it all on craigslist. We've only sold a baby walker so far, but every little bit sold is less junk being stored in our home. I was able to get chicken tortilla soup, 15 bean soup and a bow tie pasta casserole made and stored up for post baby eating. The casserole weighed nearly 5 pounds and my soup recipes garnished 5 bags of soup!! I also washed and lanolized all of my wool covers and longies for the new baby and actually got around to making my own wool longies out of sweaters.....I have been procrastinating on that all summer!!

As of tomorrow we have approx 13 days until baby day which means that we have 2 weekends left! I'm hoping to get some more cooking done this weekend, we plan on getting the last few necessary baby items out of storage so I can launder them and hopefully we'll have lots of family togetherness time! I also have to go on a hunt for a missing library book......I was able to renew it, but I've searched the house from top to bottom already and have not been able to find it. It has got to be here somewhere!! I'm also gonna keep plugging away at making wool diaper covers. I feel like we're very ready for baby, but also not quite there yet. We'll just keep on truckin' and what gets done gets done.

These pictures were taken a couple days ago when we had all of our craigslist items out on the driveway cleaning them up and photographing them. The girls had home made popsicles.....possibly the last this season and they had fun messing around with our old baby stuff. Not anything too exciting, but pictures of my beautiful growing girls none the less.

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