Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maddie's photo shoot with Mr. rat

Maddie has always been difficult to take pictures of. She is so incredibly beautiful (I might be a tad bit biased) and I love to photographer her, but the girl does not like a camera pointed at her. She really hasn't liked getting her picture taken since she was around 18 months old. When I set my viewfinder on her she turns around, runs away, or makes a weird face. Kinda reminds me of me! lol I've been lucky enough throughout the years to capture some really lovely shots of miss Maddie, but most of my pics of her are funny rather than artistic or beautiful. The other day my oldest daughter asked for me to do a photo shoot of her.......and her stuffed pet rat. If you know Maddie at all, this is totally her. So, here are a few of the pictures that I got during our "photo shoot" with Mr. rat. Oh, and the reason there are only a few.....she does not sit still when in front of a camera. I think she is under the impression that spastically moving around is what models do. lol

This is such a classic Maddie face!

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