Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Charlotte's fashion photo shoot: wool

Charlotte has always been exceptionally easy to photograph. She likes to get her picture taken, she likes to make funny faces and pose and wear costumes. She also takes direction really well. I've been making wool pants out of sweaters that I bought at thrift stores. These are used as natural fiber, breathable and waterproof diaper covers over cloth diapers. These pants have been in the works for some time now which means that I've had bits and pieces of dismembered sweaters lying around the house for some time now. Charlotte being my fashion girl, pieced together a lovely and might I say fashion forward outfit from sweater pieces. And then of course she needed her picture taken. What really surprises me in this set of pictures is how grown up Charlotte looks. Is it just me? Cause she's seriously looking like a big girl in these shots. I'm also blown away by how beautiful she is. We are seriously going to have our hands full with these girls of ours!!

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