Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rub and dub dub

I gave Eleanor her first bath a couple days ago. Her belly button stump has not fallen off yet so it was a sponge bath. The baby does not like to be naked so needless to say she did not enjoy her first bathing experience. This first bath reminded me of when we brought Maddie home from the hospital and I was faced with bathing a newborn for the very first time. I was so nervous about it that I made my mom do it so I could watch and learn how not to break my newborn infant! I'm pretty comfortable with the whole process at this point so it went smoothly but it's generally not a very enjoyable experience for new babies. Eleanor has the most hair of any of my babies (I guarantee she will lose it and be bald soon enough) and it was fun to wash it and have sweet smelling baby hair. Once the water part was done Ellie was calm as can be and didn't seem to mind being dried and lotioned. Freshly washed little babies are lovely!

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