Monday, October 18, 2010

Week one

These are just some random pictures I have from Eleanor's first week. We're closing in on week two here, so I'm a bit behind but time is currently at a premium. I feel like I'm not capturing enough pictures and have to remind myself to pick up my camera every day. The days are just flying by and before I know it, it's evening and the lighting is bad and I haven't taken any pictures. I can't get these days back and I don't want to miss anything so I'm going to try harder to remember to photograph my sweet little baby!

I can already see physical changes in Eleanor.....she is filling out and getting more butterball-ish. At one point a couple days after birth she was 7 pounds 14 oz. and she felt so light to me, but she is now weighing quite a bit more. I'm curious to see what her stats are at the doctor on Thursday. She is also changing in personality and temperament. She is awake more......usually for about an hour a couple times of day and really mellow during these times. She'll just sit and look around. She still does a crazy lot of sleeping though! She has also gotten a bit crankier.....when she wakes up and is hungry she goes from zero to hollering very quickly where before she would just kind of fuss. She is still an excellent baby, sleeping well, eating well, pooping well and she really has a lot of patience with her overly loving sisters. It is amazing that Eleanor is already almost 2 weeks old.......time goes by too quickly!

She doesn't take a paci very often,
but this is the one she likes

MAD! Can you say hungry?

Such a sweet little face

This is my life all day long. Charlotte is constantly in Eleanor's face lovin' on her!

The doting sisters

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Love, Love, Love her.....


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