Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I am SO incredibly behind with my pictures. It makes me sad, but I just don't have the time to edit right now. I have a ton of really great pictures to get up too. Sad. I have also run out of least for a week. I am headed out to California tomorrow afternoon and will be there until next Wednesday! I am super excited to spend some time with my family, but bummed to be traveling on Thanksgiving.....all of the delicious food I will be missing out on. Eleanor is of course coming with me, so I will be able to capture her 8th week while we are in California. And then of course it will take me forever to get them edited and posted to my blog. lol

I hope that all my readers have a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with family and tasty food. And for those brave shoppers.....good luck on black Friday! I'll keep you in my thoughts as I slumber in my bed......well, more than likely I'll be sleeping on an air mattress, but you get the idea.

Until I return, here is a little something to tide you over.

Gobble gobble


Becky said...

Just think of how far behind I am and then you won't feel so bad! :) If you have a spare moment on this trip, I'd love to meet Eleanor!!! :)

Anonymous said...

We all missed you and love you very much. The pictures of Eleanor help a great deal...Tell you Mom and family hello!!!

County McCounterson